We are trial lawyers, fighting to recover for you what someone else has taken away.

As trial lawyers, we are proud to make our community safer by ensuring that those who hurt others carelessly, in violation of safety rules, pay for the harms and losses caused.

Society imposes rules of conduct to protect all of us. Whether one is a professional (physician, lawyer, accountant), the driver of a car, a property owner, a dog owner or a major corporation, each must abide by certain safety rules. When a safety rule is violated and someone is caused suffering and loss, not only is the victim hurt, we all are.

By hiring us to protect you when you have been harmed by the violation of a safety rule, you are helping to ensure that society does not pay as a whole for the harm caused by those careless few. We ensure that the person who has caused you harms and losses pays to the full extent you have been damaged.

At Baratta Russell, we follow a code that governs our thinking and our actions, day in and day out. The objective remains the same: to defend, support and fight for our clients.

At BRB, we investigate PA truck accidents to discover when the wreck was first preventable. Perhaps it was first preventable when the driver was first hired because the proper background check was not done. Or maybe the driver was not trained or supervised properly or was kept on after numerous mistakes causing property damage and even injury. Or maybe the driver did not have enough rest and was fatigued. At BRB, we never assume it was simply the truck driver’s fault. We work hard to uncover how this wreck could have been prevented before the day of the wreck.
We investigate and prosecute every truck accident case with the mindset that a system failure caused the wreck; that when bad things happen it is the process, not the people, that creates results. The trial team of BRB has won justice for victims of truck and bus company carelessness for more than 20 years. If you or someone you love has suffered a serious injury or death due to a truck or bus accident, please consider our truck accident lawyers to fight for you.

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